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Abuses of Anonymity is a place to share testimonies of abuse from anonymous accounts on social media. By cataloguing your story, you’re showing the world how big the problem is, and building the case for change. To add your own story, click here.

I’ve had anonymous people target me online for expressing my opinions. They’ve made nasty comments about my appearance, some of them anti- semitic. They’ve talked about me needing to “have my head kicked”, “be taught a lesson” and stuff like that – because it’s anonymous it’s more worrying because you  don’t know how serious a threat it is and when you don’t know it’s easy to just automatically think the worse. Do they mean it? Do they live round the corner from me?. They’ve said nasty things about my partner. All this has made me much more cautious about expressing my opinions or feelings online, and at times has had an impact on my mental health.


I’ve had anonymous people make stuff up about me and spread it round social media. Because it’s anonymous it’s much more stressful, you just don’t know who’s doing it or why and what else they might do or say. There’s no accountability for them so they can literally say what they like, just to get at you. I don’t use social media anywhere near as much as I used to, mainly because of this and the impact it had on me.